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Corrina has been performed by Bearly Dead 42 times. It was last played 2022-07-25, which was 2 shows ago.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed By Track Time Footnote
2018-01-24 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA88Bearly Dead
2018-02-21 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA3Bearly Dead
2018-03-17 The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA5Bearly Dead
2018-04-25 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA5Bearly Dead
2018-05-18 Down the Road Brewery, Everett, MA4Bearly Dead
2018-06-08 Disc Jam Music Festival, Stephentown, NY3Bearly Dead
2018-06-27 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA4Bearly Dead
2018-07-13 The Lawn On D, Boston, MA2Bearly Dead
2018-08-03 Kind Mind Campout, Minot, ME5Bearly Dead
2018-09-08 Gumpas Pond, Pelham, NH7Bearly DeadLee Ross on saxophone.
2018-09-22 Electric Haze, Worcester, MA2Bearly Dead
2018-10-12 Jewel Nightclub, Manchester, NH4Bearly Dead
2018-11-21 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA6Bearly Dead
2019-01-16 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA10Bearly Dead
2019-02-15 The Stone Church, Brattleboro, VT5Bearly Dead
2019-03-27 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA8Bearly Dead
2019-04-20 Jewel Nightclub, Manchester, NH3Bearly Dead
2019-06-12 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA7Bearly Dead
2019-07-20 Jerry Jam, Bath, NH9Bearly Dead
2019-08-16 Yasgur Road Reunion, Bethel, NY7Bearly Dead
2019-08-24 Gumpas Pond, Pelham, NH1Bearly Dead
2019-09-28 The Gem Theater, Bethel, ME7Bearly Dead
2019-10-16 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA4Bearly Dead
2019-10-31 Putnam Place, Saratoga Springs, NY4Bearly Dead
2019-12-18 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA9Bearly Dead
2020-01-04 Dante's at Firefly's BBQ, Marlborough, MA4Bearly Dead
2020-01-31 Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT4Bearly Dead
2020-02-08 The MET, Pawtucket, RI2Bearly Dead
2020-02-26 Thunder Road, Somerville, MA6Bearly Dead
2020-03-11 Rear Window Studios, Brookline, MA1Bearly DeadLyric changed to "Corona," and contained "Down With the Sickness" vocalizations.
2021-07-14 The Burren, Somerville, MA9Bearly Dead
2021-09-25 Marty's Driving Range, Mason, NH19Bearly Dead
2021-10-15 Stonehedge, Gray, ME5Bearly Dead
2021-11-03 Sonia, Cambridge, MA5Bearly Dead
2021-12-17 Soundcheck Studios, Pembroke, MA9Bearly Dead
2021-12-31 Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA3Bearly Dead
2022-02-11 Sanctuary, Maynard, MA10Bearly Dead
2022-03-30 Sonia, Cambridge, MA14Bearly Dead
2022-04-16 Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT4Bearly Dead
2022-05-18 Sonia, Cambridge, MA8Bearly Dead
2022-07-02 Zenbarn, Waterbury Center, VT9Bearly Dead
2022-07-25 The Loft, Oak Bluffs, MA2Bearly Dead